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Restore your Nike Air Huaraches to their former glory.

Have a pair of white Nike Air Huaraches that no longer look their best? Do you want to restore your favorite Huaraches to their former glory? Well, you’re in the right place! 

Cleaning white Nike Huaraches can be an easy and quick task if you know how to get started properly. This cleaning guide will cover all the requirements and materials you will need. You will be able to follow our complete outline of the necessary cleaning steps (spoiler alert: everything you’ll need is readily available). 

Nike’s Huaraches are a modern take on the classic style of sandals. While Huaraches are Mexican sandals that were pre-Columbian in origin (Christopher Columbus, not Columbia the country.) Nike’s take is a little different; while keeping the comfort of the original Huaraches sandals, Nike’s Huaraches are exceptionally comfortable shoes.

They debuted in the year 1991 – and sported a minimalistic yet creative design. Its most remarkable feature was the almost sock-like neoprene upper. Huarache became well-known because they “hugged” the feet of the wearer. Popularized by its ad campaign slogan – “Have you hugged your foot today?“. 

Nike’s Huaraches are perfect for casual wear or less-intensive exercises. You can use them for running on tracks or fields and for low-intensity hikes. 

Can your white Nike Huaraches be saved?

It is no secret that white shoes are pretty high-maintenance. They require regular cleaning and maintenance. If you own a pair of white Nike Huaraches, the chances are high that they show and carry the marks of every dirt road and field you have used them on. To restore your Huaraches to look brand-new again, follow the instructions below. 

How to clean your white Nike Huaraches at home

It is a well-known adage that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. By taking a few minimal steps, you can ensure your white Nike Huaraches remain white:

  • If you are fond of outdoor activities like running, jogging, and hiking – clean your white Huaraches with a soft-bristle brush after every few wears.
  • You can use a damp cloth to wipe any dirt or debris away – a microfiber cloth will work great for this.
  • Once in a while, make sure that you deep-clean your white Huaraches. Deep-cleaning will stop your shoes from yellowing over time.

To extend the life of your white Huaraches, you will need to keep them looking clean and pristine. Maintaining the look of your shoes is a pretty simple task – and you can accomplish that by using items and tools found in almost every household

Materials needed for cleaning:

  • Soft Bristle Brush
  • Damp Cloth
  • Dish Wash Liquid
  • Baking Soda
  • Bleach
  • Plastic Tub
  • Gloves

Steps to clean your dirty white Nike Huaraches

  1. The first step for cleaning your white Nike Air Huaraches is removing the laces from the shoes. You can use the bristle brush to remove any dust or dirt from your shoe. If you have a couple of stubborn streaks, you can also spot-clean them. 
  2. If your white Huaraches have caked-on mud, make sure that you remove whatever mud you can before you proceed any further with the cleaning. 
  3. In the plastic tub, add a cup of water, a drop of your dishwashing liquid, and a teaspoon of baking soda. Mix this concoction well.
  4. Now, use your bristle brush to apply this solution to your shoes, and scrub gently. 
  5. After most of the dirt is out, rinse the solution from your shoes. Do not soak your shoes in the solution, and do not keep the solution on your shoes for too long. 
  6. It is best that you clean one shoes at a time, and rinse immediately with plain water. 
  7. After your shoes are clean, you can let them air-dry. If you get plenty of natural sunlight where you live, then you can let your shoes dry in the sun. 
Clean White Nike Air Huaraches

How to use bleach to clean white Nike Huaraches

If you have been using your shoes in dirty and muddy arenas, cleaning your Huaraches may require some extra effort. Take great caution when making the decision to step up your cleaning efforts with bleach, as it’s generally not a recommended route. While basic cleaning will go a long way towards keeping your white Huaraches in good shape – you may need to use bleach if the stains are too stubborn. 

Bleach is a common household item often used for cleaning hard surfaces found in bathrooms and kitchens. Used in moderation, bleach and be used to help clean your white Nike Huaraches as well! 

To use bleach to clean your white Huaraches, then follow the steps below:

  1. Safety first! So make sure that you wear gloves and a mask before using the bleach. 
  2. Make sure that your white Huaraches are clean. Remove any mud, dirt, or debris from your shoes. Also, make sure to remove the laces from your shoes before cleaning them with bleach. 
  3. In the plastic tub, add bleach and water in the ratio of 1:4, or 1 tablespoon of bleach for every cup of water. You should have enough water in the tub to soak your shoes. 
  4. Soak your shoes in the water for 3 minutes. Make sure that you soak them upside-down. After the three minutes are up, remove the shoes from the water and let them air-dry. After bleaching the white Huaraches, you can put them out in the sun for a brighter white color. 

While bleach is widely used to clean, you should exercise caution when you are dealing with it. Bleach is corrosive and can react negatively with many household supplies. The most dangerous combination is bleach and ammonia. They combine to form chlorine gas that can cause damage to your lungs and nasal passage. When using bleach, always ensure that you are in a well-ventilated area and that your materials are not a risk to curious children or animals.

Frequently asked questions about cleaning white Nike Huaraches

Can you clean Nike Huaraches in the washing machine?

It would be best not to clean your white Huaraches in the washing machine because the washing machine can severely damage your shoes. Cleaning by hand will net you the best results by far.

Why did my white Nike Huaraches turn yellow?

The yellowing of white Nike Huaraches is quite common and is often attributed to the effects of oxidation (being exposed to air over time.) In addition, the more you use your Nike Huaraches the more they will make contact with dust, dirt, mud, sweat, and other substances. Contact with these types of substances will also cause them to become discolored.

How do I remove foul odor from my white Nike Huaraches?

Your shoes become the receptacle for your sweaty feet and can develop a foul odor. One of the best ways to combat this is by letting your shoes air out. You can keep them out in the dirt sun for better odor elimination.

How do I stop my Nike Huaraches from creasing?

Nike Huaraches, like most other shoes, are at risk of creasing, which can ultimately end up in a lesser appearance and more importantly, leads them to be less comfortable. It’s important to store and protect your shoes using foam crease protectors that will adapt and mold themselves to your shoes. Crease protectors hold up a shoe’s shape while also protecting them from creases, which in turn keep the shoe’s appearance up and more importantly, their comfort as well.


While maintaining your white Nike Air Huaraches may require a little bit of effort – in the end, it will definitely be worth it. Yellowed or discolored shoes do not look great. Even if you use them for practical reasons, clean shoes have a better vibe about them.

Since cleaning your white Huaraches is simple and easy – there is no reason why you should let your favorite shoes deteriorate from neglect!