5 Cleaning Supplies to Always Keep on Hand

Whether you rent, own, or share a home with someone, you will need to keep that home clean. Its where you live, and it’s your own escape from the world. When an accident such as a spill or a mess occurs, it’s hard to think quickly as to how you want to handle the cleanup part.

If you don’t use the right solution, you will end up with a stain that your eyes will focus on every time you enter that room. To avoid that and to lose any time once an accident occurs, here are five products you can keep on hand at a convenient place in your home so you can grab it and go.

All-Purpose Cleaner

Everyone has a preference for all-purpose cleaners. You may like the smell of one particular disinfectant, or you may want to use the same thing your mother used when you were living at home. An all-purpose cleaner is just that; it’s a cleaner that you can use to clean up any spills and messes. It not only makes cleaning easier; it also leaves a clean odor. 

Cloth Towels

You can go to the store and purchase kitchen/cleaning towels or just cut up an old shirt that no one is wearing anymore and keep it neatly in your cleaning closet. You want the convenience of grabbing it and going when a mess occurs. These towels can be cut in different sizes to accommodate the mess.

Sponge Mop

A sponge mop is excellent for so many things. You can keep it in the closet to grab when any liquid is spilled. They can also be used to clean ceilings and walls if needed. When you are done, you can scrub the sponge in the sink or outside in the backyard to clean it up and get the liquid from the spill. When needed, you can replace the sponge part with minimal cost. 

Portable Vacuum

You will need a vacuum that you can grab and go whether the mess is on the carpet in the living room or going up the stairs; you want the convenience of a vacuum that is lightweight and portable but has enough suction to clean up the messes. There are many different models to choose from these days, and many of them are affordable.

Glass and Window Cleaner

Glass and Window cleaners can be purchased over the counter or make your own with vinegar and water solution. Spray and wipe off any glass surface or mirror you have in your home when you see smudges.

Bonus Items

It may not seem like it, but white vinegar and baking soda are fantastic, all-purpose materials to keep on hand for cleaning! Baking soda is mildly alkaline and a gentle abrasive to help break up dirt and grease. Vinegar is a mild acid and can also gently break up dirt, food compounds, oils and all while being safe for humans, pets, your septic system and the environment.

Storing these Must-Have Supplies

Store these supplies in an easy to access basket or utility container that can be tucked away in a closet or neatly under a sink, ideally, out of the reach of children. When there is an accident, you will be able to quickly and easily grab them without trying to scramble around to find the appropriate products. 

Be sure to restock your cleaning basket twice a year to be ready for the next accident. Keeping your home clean is the goal in the end.