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Learn how to clean white gold jewelry

White gold has become a popular choice for wedding bands and engagement rings. White gold is durable and has a beautiful classic look to it. Your wedding rings or engagement rings most likely hold some sentimental value for you, so you want to ensure you care for them to make sure they look as good as the day you put them on.  

White gold is a beautiful metal made up of an alloy of gold. It’s mixed with pure yellow gold and metals that have silvery-white colors such as palladium and silver. White gold is plated with rhodium which gives this metal its popular white shine.

Care for your white gold rings can be easy. Be sure to be gentle when cleaning your white gold rings so you can keep them looking new. Follow these simple steps to properly clean your white gold rings.

How to clean white gold rings

Before cleaning your jewelry, be sure to inspect for any broken or loose or broken pieces. These are things you will want to deal with before you submerge your jewelry in water. If there are loose stones or any piece is broken, you can return to the jeweler you purchased your rings from to have the ring repaired.

Items you will need to clean your jewelry:

Follow these steps to get the shine back in your white gold rings.

  1. Mix the mild dish soap in with the warm water set aside in a bowl. Use a spoon or your finger to stir the mixture until it gets sudsy. Avoid using hot water to clean your jewelry.
  2. Add your jewelry to the bowl and allow it to soak for at least 30 minutes.
  3. Take the baking soda and mix water in a small bowl until it creates a paste.
  4. Take your white gold jewelry out of the bowl of water. Take your soft bristle brush and dip it in the baking soda paste. Begin to scrub the jewelry gently with the paste. Use a brush that is made for the gentle cleansing of delicate jewelry. The brush helps reach and shine crevasses a cloth could not reach. Baking soda can bring out the shine in your jewelry.
  5. In a sink with a catch place in your drain to catch anything in case it falls, rinse your jewelry in warm water until the water is clear of soap and baking soda.
  6. Use a microfiber cloth to gently dry and buff your white gold jewelry.

If your jewelry is extra dirty or the method used above did not do the trick, simply sub out half a cup of water for the white vinegar to let your jewelry soak in.

There are cleaning products specifically made for cleaning your white gold jewelry. Your ring might have some extra buildup that is tough to remove, and your ring could use an extra hand in removing it.

How to clean your white gold rings with gemstones

For most rings with diamonds or gems, you can use the cleaning method we recommend. However, you need to be careful if your white gold ring is set with a soft stone-like onyx or pearls. You will want to avoid soaking these rings set with delicate stones.

  1. Instead of soaking, dab a cloth with a water and dish soap mixture and gently wipe the stone with the cleaning solution.
  2. To rinse, take a damp cloth and gently wipe the cleanser from the ring.
  3. Dry with a microfiber cloth

If you do not want to take a risk when cleaning these stones, take it to a jeweler to be cleaned regularly.

Preventative care

You should always try to keep your white gold jewelry safe from harsh chemicals. Remember to take your jewelry off when you are cleaning your house. This is the best way to keep it safe.

Chlorine is a harsh chemical that can damage white gold, break down the metal, and wear your rings down over time. Avoid wearing your white gold while swimming or in the shower. It’s best to keep the ring dry to avoid any chlorine contact.

Store your white gold jewelry in a safe place away from other jewelry to prevent scratches.

Remove your jewelry when putting on lotions or makeup. Thick creams can add buildup to your rings that are hard to clean out, and some chemicals found in lotions can erode the rhodium over time.

If you are cooking, remove your rings to prevent oils and sauces from getting on your ring. Oils can also discolor your ring, and food can get stuck in crevasses.

Care for scratches and broken rings

Your white gold will inevitably get scratched at least sometime during your life. You likely only take the ring off to shower, wash your hands, or clean your house. If your ring is ever scratched, you can take it to a jeweler to have it polished.

Polishing too much can wear down the rhodium coating of your rings. The rhodium coating can be restored, but usually, there is a fee to do it. It’s worth it to help make your rings last a lifetime.

When you clean your rings, be sure to remember to avoid using rough brushes or pads. These abrasive materials can scratch your rings and make them lose their shine, and damage your band. If you chose a specialty jewelry cleaner, read the label to ensure there are no harsh chemicals included to avoid the discoloration of your ring. Different jewelry cleaners are often made for different metals.

To properly care for your ring and ensure it remains well preserved throughout your life, clean your ring at least once a month. Over time you will need to take your ring in for maintenance.

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