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Safe and easy ways to clean your leather Coach purse

A Coach purse is not a cheap investment for many people, and you most certainly want your designer bag to last for many years. Undoubtedly you will want to keep your leather Coach purse in excellent shape to get as much use from it as long as you can.

Life happens, and messes are unavoidable. Being prepared and knowing how to clean your leather Coach purse is essential to giving it the most extended life possible.

If you live near a mall one option to consider is letting a Coach retailer clean the bag for you. Many Coach retailers offer in-store cleaning while you shop, and this can be a great option, as you’ll have a professional able to tend to you directly. This method has many advantages and let’s face it, who doesn’t want to be helped when it comes to cleaning. In the end, it’s less work for you and the job gets done properly.

But, visiting the mall may not work and if you’ve had an accident you want to be able to treat your bag as soon as possible. If only Coach stores were conveniently located near us all and open at all hours. That’s okay though, cleaning your leather Coach purse at home can be done easily, safely, and quickly.  

Coach purses are sometimes pre-treated, and a little warm water and a clean cloth can remove mild stains from their surfaces. For those tougher stains on your leather, follow these expert tips to help you safely clean your bag and restore it to its proper condition.

Cleaning your leather Coach purse with Coach Leather Cleaner

You can purchase Coach Leather Cleaner, made especially for cleaning Coach bags, from their retail stores or you can pick it up on Amazon. Review the product details to ensure it’s for use with your specific bag model.

It’s important to use Coach’s cleaner, as other cleaners may alter the sheen or color of their leathers and can lead to damage to them over time. You can also get it bundled with the Coach Leather Moisturizer, which I HIGHLY recommend. With any cleaning method for leather, you will want to be careful not to scrub too harshly, or else you may damage the leather itself or surrounding fabrics and materials.

Be sure to remove all items from your bag before you begin to clean it.

For this method, you will need:

To clean using this specialty leather cleaner:

  1. Add a little of the Coach leather cleaner to the cloth and apply directly to the leather stain. Rub gently in small circular motions until the dirt or stain is removed. 
  2. Using a clean, dry cloth, wipe off any excess cleaner and moisture. 
  3. Allow the purse to dry completely.

Once it has completely dried, your Coach bag will be soft, clean, and ready to be used again!

How to clean your leather Coach purse using water and mild dish soap

Sometimes, you may find yourself with no Coach Leather Cleaner on hand. That’s okay though! You can safely clean your leather Coach purse using common household items. The safest bet is to always start with straight-up warm soapy water.

Be sure to remove all items from your bag before you begin to clean it.

To clean using this method, you will need:

  • Clean Cloth
  • Cotton Swab (Optional)
  • Mild Dish Soap (Unscented)
  • Warm Water
  • Microfiber Cloth

To clean your Coach purse with warm water and mild dish soap:

  1. Using a clean cloth or a paper towel, you will want first to wipe off any excess dirt or whatever you have spilled on your purse. Be careful not to rub it in, as that can make it harder to get out.
  2. Next, mix the mild hand soap with warm water.
  3. Take a clean cloth and dip in the solution, and do not over saturate. Gently rub the cleanser into the stain using circular motions. 
  4. (Optional) To get into those hard-to-reach places, use a cotton swab to apply the solution to the stain.
  5. Using a new damp cloth, begin to wipe the cleaner from the bag until all the soap has been removed. 
  6. Using the microfiber cloth, dab the spot dry until all moisture has been lifted to avoid damaging your bag.
  7. Allow the bag to air dry completely.
Clean Coach Purse on Bookshelf

Alternative cleaning methods

As mentioned, you can use various other household items to clean your Coach purse. 

Nail polish remover or rubbing alcohol is a great way to remove ink stains or scuffs on your bag. You will need a cotton swab, a clean damp cloth, and a microfiber towel for this method. 

  1. Simply dip the cotton swab or cotton ball into the nail polish remover and gently dab the stain. Avoid rubbing as this can make it more difficult to remove. 
  2. Using the clean damp cloth, begin to remove the nail polish remover and rubbing alcohol. 
  3. Once that is clean, blot the spot dry with a microfiber towel. Microfiber is highly absorbent and removes excess water to prevent further damage to your Coach purse. 

If you need to remove oil or grease stains from your Coach purse, baking soda or corn starch is a safe and effective way to lift the stains easily. You will need a damp cloth, a toothbrush (optional), and a microfiber towel.

  1. Sprinkle the baking soda or cornstarch on the grease or oil stain. Gently pat the powder into the stain.
  2. Let it sit overnight
  3. Using a clean cloth or a toothbrush, gently brush the cornstarch or baking soda off the bag. 

To make a general safe cleaning paste for your leather Coach bag, mix equal parts lemon juice and cream of tartar in a small bowl. Be sure to use this method on white or light-colored leather, as this mixture does have bleaching abilities. You will need a damp cloth and a microfiber cloth for this method.

  1. Apply the paste to the stain on your bag 
  2. Let the paste sit for 30 minutes 
  3. Gently wipe the paste from the stain, ensuring the mixture is completely removed using the damp cloth.
  4. Allow to dry completely before using.

Keeping your leather Coach purses clean

To go one step further and extend the life of your leather Coach purse, you should invest in a leather conditioner. Use the leather conditioner regularly, and every time you need to clean your bag and keep it in pristine condition. 

Always be sure to test any cleaner on a conspicuous spot before removing the stains. Keeping your leather Coach bag in excellent condition is easy, and there are many ways to preserve the leather. For tougher stains, you can always reach out to professionals. Considering how pricey these bags can be, you’ll want to regularly clean even if there isn’t a tough stain to remove.

We love helping you be prepared for any mess you may come across. If you found this article helpful, be sure to check out our extensive library of cleaning guides!