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If you are a runner and a Nike lover, you might have a pair of Nike Joyrides in your shoe collection. As part of Nike’s Flyknit collection, these shoes have soft, bouncy beads in their sole, forming a core of the innovative new cushioning system designed to make running movement feel more effortless.

Even if you aren’t a runner, the comfort and look of these sneakers with their eye-catching beads make a perfect sportswear shoe to have.

Because of their fabrication, you want to treat them differently when cleaning them. The knit material makes the shoe lightweight, breathable, and, unfortunately, also susceptible to damage like snagging. This is where you have to be the most careful when cleaning your Nike Joyrides. Be gentle and use the right products and techniques detailed below.

Luckily, you don’t need much to clean these shoes and keep them looking their best. Here are the products you should have on hand when cleaning your Nike Joyrides:

With these products and some warm water, you can easily clean your sneakers.

Step-by-step cleaning instructions

Before cleaning your shoes, the first thing order of business is to deodorize them, removing any smells so that they are fresh when handled. This part of the cleaning process is best done the day before cleaning and washing the shoes.

The process of deodorizing your Nike Joyrides is simple, and only requires baking soda and a large zip-top bag.

Follow these steps to deodorize your Nike Joyrides:

  1. Place the zip-top bag on a flat surface and place a layer of baking soda on the bottom of the bag. You want to make a “bed” for your shoes.
  2. Insert shoes into the bag so these are sitting on top of the layer of baking soda. 
  3. Seal the bag and let it sit for 24 hours. Baking soda will pull out all the odors.
  4. Remove shoes and shake off excess baking soda on the bottoms over a garbage can.

Now that they smell fresh, it is time to get them looking great too! When it comes to cleaning your Nike Joyrides, this is about as quick and easy a process as it gets. Before getting started, make sure you have a container or sink full of warm soapy water that has whichever mild detergent you have decided to use.  

Follow these steps to clean your Nike Joyrides:

  1. Wipe down the entire shoe using a dishcloth moistened with warm water.
  2. Use a soft toothbrush by dipping into the warm soapy water and scrubbing the shoe in small circular motions. Clean the upper knit portion before moving to the sole of the shoe. Be more gentle with the fabric upper. You can wash the soles of the shoe a bit harder. 
  3. Take another wet cloth and wipe off the remaining detergent and dirt left after cleaning. Do not rinse the entire shoe under running water unless necessary. This will prolong drying time.
  4. Ball up old newspapers or paper towels and place them in the shoes to help them retain their shape while drying.
  5. Put shoes somewhere cool to dry overnight. You can also place them on top of your dryer while doing laundry. The residual heat is safe to help them dry. 

That’s it! You should have beautifully clean Nikes that are ready to go!

Some helpful tips to keep in mind

If you are cleaning your Nikes or other sneakers and come across some stubborn stains that soap and water can’t seem to fix or have very dirty shoelaces, there are some tips that can help remedy those situations. You don’t need any fancy products to take care of these stains and dirty laces.

For stubborn stains, you can take an oxygen cleaner and create a paste with a little bit of water. Apply the paste to the stain and let sit for about 10 minutes or so. This should help lighten or remove the stain. Scrub lightly with a soft toothbrush and then remove the paste with a warm wet cloth.

After cleaning your Joyrides, you may look at your shoelaces and realize they are too dingy and dirty to go back in your fresh, bright sneakers. That’s ok. Cleaning your laces is easy. You can throw them in a lingerie bag and wash them with a load of laundry—just no putting them in the dryer. Make sure to lay them flat to air dry. 

You can also wash your laces by hand. While you are cleaning your sneakers, toss your laces in a container of soapy water. Add a little oxygen cleaner if they are filthy. Use your hands to hand wash them gently, and then let them soak while you clean your sneakers. Then rinse under warm running water and lay flat to dry!

How NOT to clean your Nike Joyrides

Although tempting, there are some methods for cleaning your Joyrides that you should avoid. The main one is to not put them in the washer and dryer. The soaking in the water of your washer can break down the glue that holds many shoe pieces together. It can also cause the shoe itself to deform because of the Flyknit material the upper portion of the shoe is made from.

When drying your Nike Joyrides, air drying is the best option. Even when set to a gentle cycle, the hot air generated by a dryer can break down the glue used in the shoe and sometimes even melt it. In addition, the plastic shoelace tips can melt or break down, and even worse, over time, the shoe’s fabric can shrink. Whether you wear your Joyrides for running or sportswear, a too-small shoe is never comfortable.

In need of other shoe cleaning advice?

When it comes to cleaning your Nike Joyrides, the process is not much different from cleaning many other Nike sneakers, as long as you pay attention to the unique Flyknit fabric. Whether pounding the pavement while running or wearing these as a casual shoe, you can use the steps above to make sure they stay looking and smelling their best.

If you are a self-proclaimed “sneakerhead” or just a general enthusiast, you may have other pairs of Nike shoes or even other brand sneakers and shoes you’d like to get looking clean and bright. If that’s the case, be sure to check out our shoe cleaning posts, where we cover many brands and models, from white Converse sneakers to Adidas slides.