16 DIY Halloween Craft Ideas for Kids (2021)

Who said Halloween is just about sweets, costumes, and pumpkin carving? We have yet another approach to get psyched about Halloween, and that is to create Halloween crafts!

Encourage your children to use their imaginations and spend quality time with their families by making Halloween crafts of all kinds, whether they’re into spooky themes or more adorable creations.

Up until October 31, these Halloween projects are enjoyable to do together (yes, even for grownups). You can use them to decorate your doorstep for trick-or-treaters, prepare your home for a Halloween party, or simply have some fun with your tiny monsters while crafting.

Here’s our list of 16 DIY Halloween Craft Ideas for Kids

We have prepared you this list and this Halloween crafts for kids collection has it all. There are spiders, bats, and even a few spooky but appetizing snacks that will be a hit at your Halloween party. The nice part is that recreating these crafts does not need much work. Simply pick up your items at your local craft store or from your favorite internet supplier, and get ready to have a great day.

1. Paper-Plate Spider (with Shoes!)

Paper Plate Spider
DIY Halloween Paper Plate Spider

Very easy to make! All you have to do now is twist the pipe cleaners together. Then tape four to each side of the plate, bending them at the ends to resemble feet. Add googly eyes, candy corn fangs, and small shoes to finish (we took these from Barbie).

Get the full tutorial here: I Heart Crafty Things

2. Bloody Cake Pops

Bloody Cake Pops
DIY Halloween Bloody Cake Pops

Even delectable pastries are deserving of a frightening Halloween makeover. Using white icing, splatter red-dyed corn syrup all over the cake pops. We’re confident that your youngsters won’t be able to get enough of them.

Get the full tutorial here: Good House Keeping

3. Splatter Paint Pumpkin

Splatter Paint Pumpkin
DIY Halloween Splatter Paint Pumpkin

Finally, you can benefit from your children’s mischief! After they’ve painted their pumpkins — either real or fake — in a solid color, ask them to make the splatter paint by combining water and acrylic paint and stirring until it reaches a creamy consistency. To achieve a splattered effect, coat a craft brush or toothbrush in the paint mixture and softly tap it over the pumpkin.

4. Paper Bat Garland

Paper Bat Garland
DIY Halloween Paper Bat Garland

Drape this paper garland over their door frame, windows, or shelves to give their room a festive makeover. To make, print off this bat stencil, trace it onto black craft paper, and cut it out with scissors. Reposition the stencil on top of each critter you’ve made, then use a bone folder to draw creases along the dotted lines. To make the wings 3D, fold the folds in opposing directions on each wing. Using tiny black clothespins, attach each bat to a long piece of string.

5. Crayon Drip Pumpkin

Crayon Drip Pumpkin
DIY Halloween Crayon Drip Pumpkin

This simple, kid-friendly activity will give old crayons a new lease on life. Remove the crayons’ paper wrapper first, then break them into little pieces (or use leftover pieces from an old art set). Place crayons near the pumpkin stem one at a time and melt them with a low-heat blow-drier. Move the pumpkin around to manage the drips as they melt. Reapply all over the pumpkin and allow it to dry completely.

6. Ghost Garland

Ghost Garland
DIY Halloween Ghost Garland

These adorable ghosts can be used as decoration in almost any room of the house. Begin by folding the paper into 3″ parts in accordion fashion. Then, on the top piece, trace a ghost form, ensuring sure it has arms that connect to the paper’s edges, and cut it out. If you wish to make it longer, add more paper and secure the strands with transparent tape.

7. Turtle Pumpkins

Turtle Pumpkins
DIY Halloween Turtle Pumpkins

Mini pumpkins can be transformed into turtles using moldable clay, paint, and imagination. Fortunately, this pet comes with no additional responsibilities or cleanup!

Get crafty here: Aww Sam

8. Popsicle Stick Haunted House

Popsicle Stick Haunted House
DIY Halloween Popsicle Stick Haunted House

Arrange painted popsicle sticks to build the house’s base, roof, windows, and door to design your own haunted house from the ground up.

Follow the full tutorial here: The Best Ideas for Kids

9. Halloween Monster Painted Rocks

Halloween Monster Painted Rocks
DIY Halloween Monster Painted Rocks

It’s never too old to paint rocks, especially when googly eyes and monster features are thrown in for good measure. You may spread them around the house for an improvised scavenger hunt once they’re dried.

Get the full tutorial here: Crafty Morning

10. Cardboard Haunted House

Cardboard Haunted House
DIY Halloween Cardboard Haunted House

Make use of any empty Amazon boxes by turning them into a multi-level spooky mansion. After a fast coat of paint and the addition of doors and windows, let your children play pretend.

Get the full tutorial here: Project Kid

11. Monster Headbands

Monster Headbands
DIY Halloween Monster Headbands

The 31st of October isn’t the only day to dress up in costume. These paper monster headbands will encourage your kids to try on different characters throughout the month.

Get the full tutorial here: Fantastic Fun and Learning

12. Bubble Paint Monsters

Bubble Paint Monsters
DIY Halloween Bubble Paint Monsters

Not all monsters are frightening. Proof may be found in this entertaining activity, which involves a frothy mixture of paint and dish soap.

Get the full tutorial here: Made to be a Momma

13. Halloween Party Poppers

Halloween Party Poppers
DIY Halloween Party Poppers

Start storing your empty toilet paper tubes now (or buy them in bulk! ), then stuff them with candy, cover them in festive tissue paper, and pop them on Halloween.

Get the full tutorial here: Onion Rings and Things

14. Eyeball Door Garland

Eyeball Door Garland
DIY Halloween Eyeball Door Garland

Is there a reason why gigantic eyeballs are 10 times scary than regular eyeballs? Maybe you’ll figure out why if you try this craft.

Get the full tutorial here: Paging Supermom

15. Pumpkin Popsicle Stick Door Hangers

Pumpkin Popsicle Stick Door Hangers
DIY Halloween Pumpkin Popsicle Stick Door Hangers

The Halloween decorations in the living room should not end there. Make these charming pumpkins for your kids’ bedroom doors with them.

Get the full tutorial here: The Suburban Mom

16. Paper Bag Monster Puppet

Paper Bag Monster Puppet
DIY Halloween Paper Bag Monster Puppet

Make these colorful creatures out of paper bags and cut-outs to fill your house with monsters – the good sort, of course — this Halloween.

Get the full tutorial here: I Heart Crafty Things