21 Homemade Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids (2021)

There are so many cute Halloween costumes ideas for kids that it’s nearly impossible to choose just one for your little monster. Let’s face it: children dressed as animals, dressed as characters from books and movies, and children dressed as food are all downright fun for parents and adorable for both boys and girls.

There’s something for everyone in this collection of 21 easy homemade Halloween costumes for kids. We’ve gathered Halloween DIYs for all ages, from baby to toddler Halloween costumes.

Here’s our list of 21 homemade Halloween costume ideas for kids

If you’re short on time, you can always buy a costume, but if you prefer to take the DIY route this Halloween, we’re confident you’ll find a cute outfit for your beloved young trick-or-treaters in this selection. From Care Bears to cowboys and more, here are 21 spooktacularly easy handmade kids’ Halloween costumes to try this year!

1. DIY Belle from ‘Beauty and the Beast’ Halloween Costume

Beauty and the Beast Dress Costume
‘Beauty and the Beast’ Halloween Costume

Oh, a tale as old as time! But even your youngest will enjoy dressing up in this DIY Belle costume. Who doesn’t want to relish being a princess, even just for a night? 

Get the tutorial at The Crafter Hours Blog.

2. Angel Wings Halloween Costume

Angel Wings Halloween Costume
DIY Halloween Angel Wings Costume

This Halloween, all your little one needs are these homemade wings and a white frock to transform into the angel she truly is.

Get the easy-to-follow tutorial at Say Yes.

3. Ghost Halloween Costume

Ghost Halloween Costume
DIY Halloween Ghost Costume

For a reason, the ghost costume is a classic! This year, try this no-sew option.

Get the Ghost Poncho tutorial here: Bombshell Bling

4. Audrey Hepburn Halloween Costume

Audrey Hepburn Halloween Costume
DIY Halloween Audrey Hepburn Costume

Another classic! You’ll never go wrong with Audrey Hepburn’s costume for your little one. She’ll adore the tiara and bright costume jewelry. Plus, Tiffany’s trademark blue bag is ideal for carrying candy.

Get the look here: Smarties

5. Needle and Thread Halloween Costume

Needle and Thread Halloween Costume
DIY Halloween Needle and Thread Costume

You won’t have to sew anything when you make this needle and thread costume, which is ironic.

Get the adorable DIY costume at CRAFT.

6. ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ Halloween Costume

'Where the Wild Things Are' Halloween Costume
DIY Halloween ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ Costume

If you have been obsessed with the imagery from the book from childhood, then it’s surely stuck on you that Max’s costume is no doubt charming! The simple cream romper, the delicious golden crown lined with fur, and the perfectly adorable furry tail would look so good on your very own wild one. 

Get the tutorial at A Night Owl.

7. Where’s Waldo? Halloween Costume

Where's Waldo? Halloween Costume
DIY Halloween ‘Where’s Waldo?’ Costume

This DIY Waldo hat is simple to make if you’re a regular crocheter (or want to learn). To complete the whole Waldo vibe, add a red-and-white striped shirt and round black glasses.

Look for Waldo’s costume at Repeat Crafter Me.

8. Cowboy and Cowgirl Halloween Costumes

Cowboy and Cowgirl Halloween Costumes
DIY Halloween Cowboy and Cowgirl Costumes

Kids can dress up as cowboys and cowgirls together, whether they’re closest friends, twins, or siblings!

Catch the look here: The Crafting Chicks 

9. Black Sheep Halloween Costume

Black Sheep Halloween Costume
DIY Halloween Black Sheep Costume

You probably won’t even need to go to the store to transform your little nugget into the family’s black sheep.

Get the tutorial at Say Yes.

10. Elsa Halloween Costume

Elsa Halloween Costume
DIY Halloween Elsa Costume

What little girl wouldn’t want to dress up as Anna and Elsa from Frozen, especially with this gorgeous DIY skirt and snowflake cape?

We have found the perfect tutorial at A Pumpkin and a Princess

11. Rag Doll Halloween Costume

Rag Doll Halloween Costume
DIY Halloween Rag Doll Costume

The red yarn “hair” is what makes this costume so popular, and it’s quite easy to make!

Check out how it’s done at A Beautiful Mess.

11. Statue of Liberty Halloween Costume

Statue of Liberty Halloween Costume
DIY Halloween Statue of Liberty Costume

Have you run out of time before the Halloween party? In just 20 minutes, you can make this last-minute Lady Liberty imitation, complete with the torch. Expect your patriotic daughter to spend the entire day perfecting her power posture.

Get the look at Sewing Rabbit

13. Peter Pan Halloween Costume

Peter Pan Halloween Costume
DIY Halloween Peter Pan Costume

Do you still believe in fairies? This charming costume will remind your little courageous explorer that he or she could go on adventures (and the fact that we really never grow up!),

Get the tutorial here: A Beautiful Mess.

14. Musketeer Halloween Costume

Musketeer Halloween Costume
DIY Halloween Musketeer Costume

Gather two more youngsters from the neighborhood and make three of these simple costumes!

It’s easy to make! Check out Adventure in a Box for more tutorials. 

15. Pizza Halloween Costume

Pizza Halloween Costume
DIY Halloween Pizza Costume

This foodies costume is a work of art. To make pizza crust and toppings, all you need is felt and fabric adhesive.

Get a slice for your little one at U Create.

16. Minecraft Halloween Costume

Minecraft Halloween Costume
DIY Halloween Minecraft Costume

If your trick-or-treater is a Minecraft fan, now is their chance to dress up as one of their favorite characters!

Get the tutorial at STL Motherhood.

17. Cupcake Halloween Costume

Cupcake Halloween Costume
DIY Halloween Cupcake Costume

This could be one of the cutest outfits we’ve ever seen! Make cupcake wrappers and sprinkles in her favorite colors.

Make one with the help of  Make It Yours with Melissa

18. Fairy Halloween Costume

 Fairy Halloween Costume
DIY Halloween Fairy Costume

This lovely fairy costume is quite simple to make. Lookup for the simple and well-elaborated tutorial at Being Brook.  

19. Mario and Luigi Halloween Costumes

Mario and Luigi Halloween Costumes
DIY Halloween Mario and Luigi Costumes

These fantastic Mario and Luigi costumes just take a couple of hours to create. Just a few snips here and there, and your little ones are ready to be off to save Princess Peach!

Check the tutorial at Smashed Peas and Carrots.

20. Train Halloween Costume

Train Halloween Costume
DIY Halloween Train Costume

With some discarded boxes and a few cute accessories like a bandana and engineer’s cap, this one-of-a-kind costume is surprisingly easy to put together.

You can easily follow the tutorial at The Ophoffs.

21. Fantastic Mr. Fox Halloween Costume

Fantastic Mr. Fox Halloween Costume
DIY Halloween Fantastic Mr. Fox Costume

Grab your sewing machine and start making this classic costume based on the renowned novel with blogger Rachel Faucett’s free mask template.

Check the tutorial at Handmade Charlotte.