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UGG slippers and boots are the ultimate in fall and winter comfort. As soon as the weather turns colder, they start to appear in homes and outside on the sidewalks. Warm and fuzzy on the inside, and when appropriately treated, they stay dry on the outside. Properly taking care of them will prolong their life immensely. 

For those of you who are UGGs lovers, you know they’re not cheap, so you will want to protect your investment. It prevents water from being able to cause damage to the outer material and from getting into the soft, cozy lining of the inside. No one wants to wear a pair of UGGs with wet lining. 

This guide discusses why UGG slippers and boots need to be waterproofed regularly and details the easy process to keep them dry all season long. The products and tools you need are inexpensive and easy to find. 

Let’s get started!

Why you need to waterproof UGGs

The classic UGG boots we all know and love are made from suede, a material that does not like water at all when not appropriately treated. All UGG suede boots come with a treatment that was applied before you purchase, but that treatment does not last for the life of the shoe. 

A good quality waterproofing spray can last anywhere from 2-8 months, depending on the conditions your boots or slippers are exposed to. Because slippers usually do not see rainy or snowy conditions, the protective coating should last much longer. 

I like to waterproof my UGGs at the beginning of the fall. That way, I know they will last me through the winter before they are cleaned and stored during the spring and summer. 

You can find waterproofing sprays at many retailers online, in-store, or you can purchase through the UGG website.

What is needed to waterproof UGG slippers and boots?

The list of tools and products you need for waterproofing UGG slippers and boots is short and sweet. They are also affordable, so they should last you at least two seasons if used correctly. 

That means you have no excuses to make sure you waterproof them each and every year. You will need three items to keep your cozy and warm slippers and boots in tip-top shape. That’s it! 

You will need:

I know you may wonder if you really need a suede brush, but honestly, they are less than $10 and have four different surfaces that work on both suede and leather. 

Suede brushes help to remove any excess dirt or grime on your slippers or boots and enable you to prepare them properly. You’ll want to use one of these brushes before you apply your waterproofing spray or if you’re applying any other treatment or stain removers without ruining the material. 

When brushing with a suede brush, you will brush against the nap of the suede; then, when finishing, you will want to make sure you brush in the direction of the natural grain.

UGGs waterproofing spray is excellent. They also have a UGG Shoe Care Kit, which I highly recommend, that includes a bamboo brush, suede scuff remover, cleanser & conditioner, and shoe renew freshening spray. It is an excellent kit to have in your closet for all your UGG maintenance needs.

How to waterproof UGG slippers and boots

First things first! If your UGG boots or slippers are dirty and haven’t been cleaned, make sure to clean your UGGs before attempting to waterproof them. Never attempt to waterproof any dirty shoe before cleaning it. If you need any guidance on this, be sure to check out our quick guide on how to clean your UGG slippers.

The steps to waterproof your boots or slippers are quick and will take you no time at all to complete. You may even consider taking this time to waterproof other shoes and boots while you have the tools and products out. 

When you gather your materials to waterproof your UGGs, you might consider grabbing some other shoes and knocking them all out at once. Follow these 5 steps to waterproof your UGG slippers and boots.

  1. Use the suede brush to remove any excess surface dirt and grime that may be on your shoes.
  2. With the same brush, smooth the suede so that it is all going in the same direction. This step is essential as the waterproofing spray will set the pattern that the suede is in.
  3. Find a well-ventilated location and layout some newspaper, a garbage bag, or a large piece of cardboard to rest your UGGs on. 
  4. Hold the can or bottle approximately 8-12 inches away from your UGGs (following the manufacturer’s specific directions) evenly coat them. They should appear wet but not soaked through the material.
  5. Place your UGGs in a well-ventilated and cool area to dry for 24 hours before wearing them again.

This process will work for both UGG slippers and boots. If you are a shoe addict, you will be sure to appreciate that. These five easy steps leave you with a pair of slippers or boots that can last you several months, all while keeping your feet dry and toasty.

How NOT to clean your UGGs

Do not under any circumstance throw your UGG boots or slippers into the washer and dryer. This is a sure-fire method to ruin both the suede exterior and the soft sheepskin lining inside. The water in the washer will destroy the material, and the dryer can cause them to shrink and potentially damage or, worse, melt the soles. Just don’t do it.

UGGs are classics for the fall and winter. They are comfortable, soft, warm, and waterproof. That is if you take care of them well. 

By investing in a few simple products and waterproofing your clean UGGs each season, you will prolong their life so you can continue to throw them on for around the house, heading to work, or out to run errands. 

These famous slippers and boots are bound to be in style for a long time. We have plenty of guides on caring for different types of shoes, such as Nike SlidesCrocsConverse, and many more!