How to Control Pet Hair in the Home

Our pets become part of our family, and they are always there with you or waiting patiently for your return home. When summer arrives, the hair starts to fly off of the pet and drift around the room. When someone walks by, the fur begins to travel through the air and sometimes cling to clothing. 

There is also the issue of dander. While you can’t see it, dander is there, and it is in the air as well. Dog owners who suffer from asthma, allergies, and immunology can find that they experience more symptoms during the spring and summertime as the dogs are shedding their fur. 

Here are a few tips to help keep the pet hair and dander in control so you can minimize your allergy symptoms. 

Find the Best Pet Hair Cleaning Tools

It would help if you stayed on top of the crisis to conquer it. Pet hair is going to happen, so be ready to tackle it. Face the reality of it and buy the best pet tools available to help you fight it. Don’t let it become overwhelming and take over your home.

Cleaning Pets can be Tough!

Pet Hair in Hardwood floors

Remember, sweeping a hardwood floor is only going to stir the fur and drift somewhere else. It takes something wet or dampened to weigh the hair and dander down so it cannot roam around. A trusty Swiffer Sweeper on hardwood flooring can make the process of cleaning the dog hair and dander up in a snap. The wet cloths that go on the bottom of the Swiffer can hold the hair down so you can dispose of the pad with hair and dander on it when done. It also leaves a pleasant scent afterward.

Cleaning Pet Hair in Carpets

It’s a little more challenging to manage pet hair and dander when you have carpet because you don’t see it when it is lying on mats, rugs, and carpets. If you happen to step on it, the hair can get trapped in the fibers of the carpet and break loose later. 

Investing in a heavy-duty suction or one of the best pet hair vacuums will help you to be sure that you are lifting deeply embedded fur and dander.

Cleaning Pet Hair in Furniture

From the sofa to the bed, pets love to sleep and sit where we do. Unfortunately, their fur and dander can stay on our sitting surfaces as well, and then it becomes attached to clothing. If you are wearing black pants or a black shirt, you will see it. To pick up loose hair from the sofa and chair or even the coffee table, place a rubber kitchen glove on your hand and wet it. Run your wet glove over the furniture, and the fur and dander will stick to it. You can then rinse it off and be done with it.

Cleaning Pet Hair out of a Dryer

If you have a blanket or other cloth material that has a dog or cat fur on it, don’t shake it in the room. You are only releasing the hair back into the air to settle somewhere else. Instead, please place it in the dryer with a dryer sheet. The dryer will help the hair release from the fabric and get caught in the lint trap.