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I am a self-proclaimed shoe addict, and I am not ashamed to admit it. I have dedicated shoe closets. As the seasons change, the shoes that have to be retired for the summer or winter head to their own dedicated boxes in storage after being cleaned and protected until it is their time to be worn again. 

To some, this may seem weird and a bit over the top. If you happened upon this article, then I have a feeling you are just like me. You think of your shoes as an accessory that makes or breaks an outfit. They need to be cared for, which means they need to be cleaned in the right way. 

I may or may not have one or two pairs of Nike Air Max Dias in my shoe closet. Keeping them crisp and clean is important and surprisingly easy. 

The products needed are not expensive and the process to follow is not complicated. Follow along below with me as I go through some easy ways to keep yours looking their best. 

If you are interested in how to clean Nike Air Max Dias, then keep reading. Let’s keep those beauties in rotation in your shoe closet! 

A fresh silhouette deserves a fresh look

Dia’s are hands down one of the freshest of the new minimalist designs that Nike has released in the past several years. They have a semi-transparent upper, chunky foam midsole, and a sleek, chic fit to them.

I was obsessed the first time I saw them. This has been the case with many of the new releases Nike has had in the past several years. I purchased several pairs all at once. Darn, it is so easy to impulse purchase online!

In my opinion, the chunky white foam midsole should look clean and crisp to do the shoe justice. If you agree, then we are shoe soulmates.

I will share some of my secrets below for keeping that fresh silhouette looking crisp and clean and some tips and tricks to make cleaning a process you will not dread when it is needed. 

Simple is best

I am a big proponent of KISS. Keep It Simple Silly. My favorite method of cleaning my sneakers involves very few products and doesn’t require any crazy technique that you have to watch a video on to master.

When I am cleaning something, I want the quickest and easiest way to do so. To clean mine, I have put together my own little shoe cleaning kit that includes the following in it:

That’s it! Five simple items you can get easily online or on your next trip running errands. I keep them all in a little plastic box in my shoe closet. This way, I can easily find them whenever I need to clean my favorite sneakers.

Having these on hand allows this process to be simple, quick, and easy. I am not searching around my house for the correct cleaning supplies. These simple ingredients also work for cleaning many other shoes.

Now that you have the products and tools you need, we can get started cleaning! Follow along below.

Steps to clean Nike Air Max Dias

Before I get started cleaning my sneakers, I always first want to get any odors out of them. These insoles are very soft and cushiony. Unfortunately, this cushion can hold in some very unpleasant odors that may offend not only you but those around you.

I like to start this the day before I actually clean my shoes. This process is pretty quick and simple to follow.

  1. Fill a large plastic zip-top bag with enough baking soda to create a nice layer when you lay the bag flat. 
  2. Place sneakers on top of the baking soda layer.
  3. Close bag and seal.
  4. Leave for 24 hours in a cool, dry place so the baking soda can absorb the odors.
  5. Remove shoes from the bag, and tap lightly over the garbage can or sink to remove the excess baking soda.

Now onto actually cleaning the exterior of our shoes! It is an easy process that shouldn’t take long at all. If you are ready, then let’s get cleaning!

Keeping your Nike Dias squeaky clean

I am the kind of person who has a set cleaning day each week. It helps keep me on track and ensures that my house stays clean for the week to follow. I do my laundry on this day. If any of my shoes need a quick cleaning, they get included in the day.

For me, my cleaning day is Sunday. This works out great for cleaning my sneakers. On the Saturday prior, I can place the shoes in the bag of baking soda. By Sunday, they are deodorized and ready for a good scrubbing! Below are my seven steps to a squeaky clean pair of Dias.

  1. With your dry soft-bristle brush, remove any excess dirt. There is no need to press hard here. You just want to remove anything loose. 
  2. Remove shoelaces – Wash these by wetting the laces, massaging some foaming cleanser into them, and then hanging them to dry after rinsing.
  3. Wet your microfiber cloth and then apply foaming cleanser to the cloth, massaging it to create suds. The cloth should be damp but not soaking wet.
  4. Clean your sneakers by using a circular motion to gently remove dirt. Make sure to reverse direction to clean thoroughly.
  5. Take a new microfiber cloth and wet it with water. Gently wipe excess soap and dirt from the shoes.
  6. Place your sneakers in a dry, cool place to dry. Avoid placing in direct sunlight. 
  7. Once shoes and laces are dry, you can put the laces back in your shoes.

There you go! All it took were seven steps with simple products and tools. This should take you no time at all, and then you have a shiny, clean pair of sneakers to place back on the shelf in your shoe closet.

Jumping with Joy in Clean Nike Air Max Dias

Avoid damaging your Nike Dias

Good shoes and most especially good sneakers are not cheap. They are an investment that you have made that you want to last. In your efforts to keep your Air Max Dias looking clean, you may think about doing some of the below things. I urge you to avoid these as they can cause damage and cut the life of your sneakers short.

Here are some of the common mistakes people make when cleaning their Nike Dias.

  • Do Not Use the Washer and Dryer – Please, please do not do this. Submerging your shoes in water for a long period of time can be harmful to certain materials. This can also cause the glue in the shoe to begin to release. Dryers do a fair bit of damage with the excessive heat that can shrink the shoes and cause the melting of decorations or the tips of the shoelaces.
  • Do Not Use Bleach – Bleach is a chemical that when used incorrectly, can cause yellowing of the fabric. It can also break down the fabric itself. There are great products available that you can use instead. Oxygen-based cleaners are a fantastic option and can be used to whiten laces and certain fabrics without the fear of fabric damage and yellowing.

Shoe manufacturers always warn against both of these methods of cleaning sneakers. These warnings are easy to find online on their website. Since they made the shoes you love so much, I would say it is wise to trust them. Why risk there being damage to a pair of shoes that make you happy and are a staple in your closet?

Have other Nike Shoes that need some love?

Lucky for you, there are many shoe lovers like you and me out in the world that is obsessed with keeping their shoes clean and pristine looking. We are a big community, and we keep on growing. With that being said, I bet you have several other pairs of Nikes in your closet.

If you have other Nike’s that need a good cleaning, we have a growing collection of cleaning guides, such as our Nike Slides and white Nike Huaraches dedicated to keeping your sneakers looking brand new. They can help you find the best methods depending on the material your shoe is made of or its color.

Happy cleaning to you!

I am glad you joined me in this article to get an inside look into the easy and quick ways in which there are for how to clean Nike Air Max Dias. They are some of my favorite sneakers, so keeping them looking their best is close to my heart.

Cleaning your sneakers doesn’t have to be expensive or lengthy. You can easily add this to your weekly cleaning schedule.

By following the simple steps above and using five products you can find online or at your local store, you will have Dias that always look like they are brand new and straight out of the box. I wish you happy cleaning!