9 Ways to Help a Baby Not Be Afraid of the Bath

9 Ways to Help a Baby Not be Afraid of the Bath

For some babies, when being introduced to a┬ábath time routine, they can be afraid of the sounds and sensations of water in a bathtub. The running water echoes off the hard surfaces, sounding like a dangerous waterfall. The bath water itself can be frightening, especially if it is not the right temperature. Here are a …

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3 Educational Bathtime Activities for Preschoolers

3 Educational Bath Time Activities for Preschoolers

Everything a preschooler does is teaching them something new about the world around them. Bath time is more than just about getting clean. It provides a great time to interact with your child and teach him things while you are bathing him or her. Language skills, fine motor skills, and even music can become a …

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containers of school supplies for learning at home

5 Tips for a Distance Learning School Year

For parents who are new to working from home, the sudden shift to a home-based project manager may seem like an insurmountable task. For some, this is an easier transition than others due to numerous factors in their lives and their families. Whether you are new to performing your job from home or have already …

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