8 Ways to Customize Your Crocs

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Welcome to the list of all things customization when it comes to Crocs. If you’ve found your way here, you likely have one, or several pairs, in your closet that you love and would like to personalize. You have come to the right place. Below we will talk about some unique ways to customize your Crocs and even link to some videos of techniques and inspiration. 

Some of these methods will require more tools than others, but all use products that you can easily find on Amazon at a very reasonable price. If you are ready to create some custom Crocs, let’s get started. They will put a smile on your face and garner you lots of compliments! 

1. Paint markers

This customization method is excellent for anyone with an artistic side who loves to draw. You will want to ensure that your Crocs are clean and dry and you have a good quality paint marker like POSCA paint markers

Posca Paint Markers

Sketch out your design first with a pencil, and then fill in your design with the markers. 

This option works perfectly for those who prefer not to use paints and a brush. Here, a tip is to use good-quality paint markers like those linked above. They will provide better coverage and staying power. Seal them with Rustoleum Clear Seal to keep the paint free of chips.

2. Bedazzle them with bling

If sparkle is more your vibe, it is time to get out the gemstones and the adhesive. You can find rhinestones and glue-like Gem-Tac online and then either go subtle with just a little sparkle or go all out and cover your entire Croc with rhinestones and sequins.

Rhinestones and Sequins

The best thing about buying rhinestones or sequins online is buying them in bulk. That way, if one or two does happen to fall off, you can quickly and easily replace them with new ones. 

Just make sure your shoes are clean and dry before starting, and remember the adhesive can cause damage if you remove any gems after the glue dries. 

3. Add some charms

One of the original and still most popular ways to customize your Crocs is with Jibbitz charms. Lovingly referred to as “toppings,” the charms pop right into the holes in your Crocs. If you have a passion for something, there is likely a charm set to help you show off your love for cats, pizza, coffee, or anything you can imagine. 

Customizing your Crocs with Charms
Add some charms to your crocs

What is fantastic about this form of customization is that it is not permanent, so you can change out your charms as often as desired. When cleaning your Crocs, you can easily clean these charms the same way and without removal, especially when using a no-scrub method like Nature Lake Clog Wash

4. Fuzzy faux fur

Live somewhere that can get chilly in the winter or the evenings? If you answered yes, you can add faux fur to the heel and top of your already lined Crocs to give them an added layer of warmth and comfort.

All you need for this are fake fur strips in any color you choose, scissors, and a hot glue gun. There are some simple instructions available online to walk you through it step-by-step. 

This fantastic customization can add some serious sense of fashion to your plain Crocs.

5. Iron-on fabric patches

I know what you are thinking; I can’t iron patches onto my Crocs! 

That is true. But you can glue them on. Using these fabric patches and applying them with Gorilla Glue adds a different layer of dimension to your Crocs. Iron-on patches also have a fun 90s sort of vibe that is super popular right now on everything from jackets to jeans to bags. These patches come in large variety of packs, so you can have a customization party if you have Crocs-loving friends!

This method is also a great way to show your love for your favorite sports team. You can purchase a pair in one of your team’s signature colors and then add patches for your team. This is bound to get lots of compliments throughout the season.

6. Hydrodip them

This popular method of Crocs customization looks like it’s difficult and takes a long time, but it is surprisingly simple. You will want to do this outside or with a drop cloth down if done indoors.

To hydro dip your Crocs, fill a plastic container with water and then layer different colors of acrylic spray paint on the water, swirling it with a paint stir stick to create a pattern. After dipping your Crocs and drying them, you seal them as you would with any painting method.

Some great YouTube videos detail the process.

7. Cover with fabric

If you are ok with covering the signature holes in your Crocs to create a more traditional clog look, then you can cover your Crocs with any fabric you choose. You will cut your fabric to size and use Modge Podge to adhere the material and then create several coats on top before a final glaze with their Modge Podge Gloss

Modge Podge

This is inexpensive customization as you don’t need much fabric. You can purchase your material online, but if you have a craft store close by, this is your best option because you can bring your Croc with you so they can cut you just the right amount of fabric to fit your shoes. Having a craft knife on hand will help you trim any bits of extra fabric. 

8. Use sharpies

Creating custom Crocs is incredibly easy with an assorted color pack of Sharpies and some creativity. This method is most definitely for those of you with an artistic side if you want to freehand this, or you can find stencils and treat this almost like a paint-by-number.


If you are looking for inspiration before starting or want to see just how amazing these can turn out, check out this YouTube video of a customized Croc done with nothing but Sharpies.

There are so many ways to customize your Crocs. You may buy multiple pairs to try out several of the above methods. Whichever you choose, let the customization reflect your personality and style.

Your personalized Crocs are sure to be the envy of friends and family. Have fun with it, and consider sharing with us a before and after picture to provide inspiration to others. Be sure to get your Crocs cleaned before starting and happy customizing!