5 Simple Home-Staging Hacks to Supersize Curb Appeal

So, you want to sell your home, but perhaps you need tips to help you attract buyers. One easy way to achieve your goal is to inject the entrance of your home with curb appeal. Gussy up the frontage with these simple yet seriously effective tips, and potential home buyers will want to look inside.

1. Beautify Your Front Door

Beautify Your Front Door

Most home sellers dramatically overlook the importance of beautifying their front doors. Yet, the main entrance to their home is a focal point for potential buyers.

Ensure your front door has a new lick of glossy paint. Clear cobwebs, grime, and leaves from corners and dress the door with some exquisite door furniture.

Remember that buyers will see your door as a prelude to your home’s interior and pick a suitable style. For instance, an antique brass knocker will work well if your home’s rustic. Then again, if the interior’s classic, a traditional lion knocker will suit.

Whether you invest in bespoke door furniture, rummage in an antique market for something unusual, or adopt a modern handle and knocker set, ensure your choice fits the style and age of the building, and it will add to your home’s allure.

2. Add an Explosion of Color with Gorgeous Flowers

Add an Explosion of Color with Gorgeous Flowers

Stunning potted and hanging basket flowers add instant curb appeal. Large pots of zinnia are the perfect choice when you want pops of color during summer. Depending on the climate, bougainvillea can be a gorgeous addition to the entranceway.

Petunias also add rich color splashes, as do tulips, fuchsia, and sunflowers. In addition, Jasmine, scented roses, lavender, and sweet peas inject the air with a heavenly fragrance that’s bound to delight potential buyers.

3. Create Symmetry

Create Symmetry

Symmetry is pleasing to the eye and raises curb appeal. By creating balance, you can generate visual harmony. Use the decor immediately visible to people as they come up to and enter your home.

Whether you include matching hanging baskets in your home’s entranceway or place objects like porch lanterns at a similar height on either side of the front door, you’ll generate a sense of equilibrium.

4. Light Up Your Entranceway

Light Up Your Entranceway

Potential buyers may want to view your home after sundown, so ensure you light the entrance. Adopting a “less is more” approach to exterior lighting can work well since an intense glare is uncomfortable to view.

Aim for a downlighter to illuminate the front door, and shield step lights, so they cast brightness only on the actual steps rather than your garden. Remember that the lighting style matters and should match any current theme to ramp up curb appeal.

5. Makeover Your Mailbox

Makeover Your Mailbox

Buy or make a gorgeous mailbox that ensures potential home buyers can visualize themselves collecting correspondence from it. You can give your current mailbox a makeover with fresh paint or put a new box in place.

Again, consider any style or theme you’ve already adopted when decorating your home and stick to it. So, your mailbox may be rustic, classic, or contemporary. It might resemble a mini version of your home, be bright and cheerful, or be sleek and sophisticated.

In Summary

These simple staging hacks have the potential to increase the odds you’ll sell your home. Because they add instant curb appeal, they will entice home buyers who then will want to look inside your property. Also, because viewers already feel optimistic about what they see outside your home, they’re more likely to feel good about what they find indoors, too.