3 Ways to Keep Your Child Entertained and Away From Screens

Everyone knows that parenting is a huge challenge, and with the innovative technology that has come out in recent years, it has become harder and harder to find a way to naturally keep your child entertained. Here are three alternatives to keep your young one’s mind active and fresh!

Raising a child in the 21st century is a unique and challenging task. With the rising adoption and use of technology in bringing up children, many parents see no way to entertain their children without these methods of media. However, there are many negative effects that television and phone use can have on a child. So, here are three alternative ways to entertain your kid that avoid the use of digital screens!

1. Focus on reading your book collection

One of the oldest yet most effective forms of entertainment. There are many positive effects that reading a book can have on a young child. First off, it can help to expand their creativity as they form the magical worlds that are described in the novels in their brain.

This is in stark contrast to having the world created and shown to your child on television. Another positive is that reading a book trains your child to have a longer attention span. The attention span crisis has become an epidemic with the rise of technology, and short-term attention grabs. With a book, you sit down and spend some real time engrossing yourself in the author’s words.

2. Start a family game night

Board games are another way to keep your young one entertained and the rest of the family entertained. Find a board game that is suitable for all ages of your family (most of them usually have a sticker or a label that lets you know what ages the game is meant for), and then play!

You can either play by the game’s rules or get creative and use your own. There are many different advantages to playing a board game. You can learn valuable communication skills, such as bargaining, that will help your child grow up and interact with people outside of your family circle.

3. Adventure outside

Behold the great outdoors! A part of our modern society that is often overlooked, nature is a perfect place to adventure and take an insightful look at yourself. Taking a nice hike out in the wilderness will give your child a chance to take advantage of some independence and learn more about the environment around them. Hiking is also a great form of exercise, disguised in the form of a fun activity.

It’s easy to forget the basics!

So, if you are looking for a new way to keep your kid entertained but off of the couch, taking advantage of hiking, board games, and reading can transform their lives and put them in a better place to succeed in the future. By utilizing these three tips, you’ll give your child a leg up on the competition and create a healthy brain-body connection that will serve them well later in life.