3 Easy Methods to Restore Shine to Gold

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If you’ve got some gorgeous old gold jewelry lurking in your jewelry box, there’s no need to throw it away. Given a little TLC, even the dullest pieces of gold jewelry can be restored to their former glory. In this post, we’ll cover 3 easy methods to restore shine to gold, that will have your jewelry pieces shining bright in no time.

Gold, a lustrous and soft metal, is one of the most sought-after metals in the world. While it doesn’t tarnish very often, gold can be difficult to clean when it does. Gold is soft, easily scratched, and valuable. But with some care and attention, your gold jewelry will retain its original shine for generations to come. Here are some simple cleaning methods that will restore luster to your precious gold.

Restore gold with household products

When it comes to cleaning, gold is like any other precious metal: it will naturally tarnish over time. Fortunately, there are several techniques that can be used to return it to its original luster. For those who prefer to go the do-it-yourself route, there is a range of home remedies for restoring the shine. Below, we’ve listed our favorite options.

You will need the following products:

Step 1: To clean the gold, mix warm water with mild dish detergent in a deep bowl. Next, gently soak the jewelry for approximately 15 minutes. Do not leave it soaking longer than that, as this could cause damage to the product. Finally, rinse the gold thoroughly with lukewarm water until the water runs clear. Pat dry with a soft cloth.

Step 2: To remove dirt and stains, you’ll need mild dish soap and a few cotton balls. If there are any tough spots that require further attention, use a clean cotton swab. Rinse the gold thoroughly to wash away the soap residue.

Step 3: Spread the gold evenly on the cotton cloth. Let it dry completely before using the gold polishing cloth. Using a clean part of the cloth each time, polish the gold until it shines.

Step 4: The next step depends on the kind of gold item that you simply have. If it still looks dull, jewelry may be available for purchase at home improvement stores. If this does not work or the piece is just too big for such a cleaner, it is time to call in a professional for a polish.

Restoring gold shine with ammonia

Ammonia can be used to clean gold but is damaging to most gemstones, pearls, and stones. If you are cleaning a piece of jewelry with stones make sure to test the ammonia solution on an inconspicuous corner of the piece first before proceeding.

You will need the following products:

Step 1: Get a small glass bowl or cup. Mix together water and ammonia. Equal parts, such as six tablespoons of water and one tablespoon of ammonia, is the proportion most often suggested. If you use this measurement, add enough water that the gold will be completely submerged.

Step 2: When cleaning gold jewelry, soak it in a mixture of dish soap and ammonia for no more than 60 seconds to avoid damaging the piece. If you notice any discoloration or debris after washing, gently wipe the piece with a soft cloth.

Step 3: Rinse the gold thoroughly with warm water, making sure to remove all of the ammonia. If any ammonia residue remains on the surface of the gold, it will continue to corrode the metal. Avoid using hard sponges that could potentially scratch your metal, and plug up your sink if possible. Failing to do so could result in losing your gold down the drain.

Restore gold shine with WD-40

WD-40 is one of the most versatile products in the entire world. It can be used to clean electrical contacts, lubricate gears, remove tarnish from silver, polish gold, remove asphalt buildup from chests, preserve flooring, unclog sinks, unblock drains, unstick zippers, and so much more.

Whether you’re polishing your gold jewelry or getting rid of rust, WD-40 has you covered. The all-purpose spray can handle just about any task you throw at it. You’ll never regret having WD-40 around the house.

You will need the following products:

When you want to polish your gold jewelry, you can follow these easy steps to make the job easier:

  1. Spray WD-40 directly on a soft rag.
  1. Wipe your jewelry with the dampened rag.
  1. Repeat the process until your gold is shiny and clean.

6 tips and tricks for keeping gold shiny

  1. The best way to clean gold is with a gold polishing cloth or product that’s made especially for it. Store any pieces that are not being worn in anti-tarnish tissue or a specialty pouch, box, or bag.
  1. Never clean gold with tissue. It contains small wood fibers which can scratch it.
  1. Avoid scratching your gold with your hands or clothing, as well as hot or rough surfaces.
  1. Store it in a soft cloth or anti-tarnish bag to protect its shine.
  1. Clean gold jewelry just as you would clean other fine pieces of jewelry. For valuables, invest in polishing cloths designed specifically for jewelry cleaning. Air dry gold pieces overnight in a secure spot or buff dry with a soft, dry cloth for immediate use.
  1. Always remember to keep your stones away from water and chemicals because the minerals used to create them could be dissolved.

How to know if you need a professional gold cleaning?

Some pieces of gold jewelry are very difficult to clean properly. If you can’t get your gold jewelry to shine the way it did when you first purchased it, it’s time to take it back to the jeweler for professional cleaning. If your piece of gold-plated jewelry has lost its plating, you’ll need to bring it back to the jeweler for re-plating or soldering back onto its base metal.

Lastly, if you’re having trouble polishing your favorite gold pieces, come back and try these tips to bring them back to their former glory. Be sure to also check out our guides for cleaning pewter and white gold jewelry.