20 Beginner-Friendly Wood Projects That You Can Try

If you knew how easy it is to create your own wooden masterpieces, you’d have your own Louvre in your home, the wooden edition, of course! But don’t worry because our guide is going to help you get started on some of the most basic projects that will help mark your path to becoming the ultimate wood-master. Check out 20 beginner-friendly wood projects that you can try.

List of Beginner-Friendly Wood Projects That You Can Try

Let’s explore some of the best and easy wood projects for beginners. These are easy yet give you a bit of a challenge. Go through these ideas and work on them to make our wood skills better.

  1. Easy Timber Bench
    Believe it or not, timber benches are one of the easiest wood projects to get into. You only need thick and long wood pieces. Make sure these wood pieces are smooth and strong enough to let anyone sit and bear the weight. 
  2. Modern-Style Birdhouse
    Wooden birdhouses or feeders are among the easiest things to build. They don’t take you long to build; all you’ll need are glue, a drill, a saw, and any decoration or embellishments to create a bird-estate for your winged buddies.
  3. Rustic Photo Display Frame
    If you have old wood pieces lying at the house, you can easily create a photo frame out of them! You can also repurpose old ones by repainting or removing old paint, here’s a guide for acrylic paint removal.
  4. Raised Planter
    If you have a home-garden, you know handy raised planters can be. Creating one might seem complicated, but it’s easy. With proper cutting and measurement, make one in a day!
  5. Garden Closet
    Garden Closets store different kinds of garden things. It is an ambitious project, but making one is easy. If you love to fiddle with wood, this will be a great pastime.
  6. Minimal Wood Spice Rack
    Making wooden spice racks are easy and time-saving projects, but they certainly are very helpful in the kitchen!
  7. Pedestal Picnic Table
    For a pedestal picnic table, all you need is a solid base and a circular top for the table. Once you create these and attach them to each other, it will also double as a picnic table! Look at you go, wood-wiz!
  8. Teapot Stand
    These are the small wooden pieces that get placed under a hot teapot. You can also carve different cutting patterns and art on them. 
  9. Stone-Top Patio Table
    Making these tables are easier than you think and fun for a beginner. Plus, it’s one piece of furniture that will be most used in your home!
  10. Patio Chairs
    Patio Chairs come in many sizes and shapes, so find out which you like the most. Note all the measurements and angles, and make sure they’re sturdy enough to sit on. 
  11. Wall-Mounted Desk
    A wall-mounted desk is an easy option to maximize space in your living room. You can make one with plywood as well. All you need is a simple saw, drill, and level, and voila! 
  12. Island Deck
    While it is time-consuming, depending on size, an island deck gives you a great place to sit and relax. You need strong pieces of wood to make a sturdy deck. Also, apply burnishing and other protective layers for protection.
  13. Tree Swing
    Tree swings are simple to make and so much fun for your family. A few wooden pieces sticking together with rope does the job! Ensure proper sturdiness to handle the rider’s weight.
  14. Welcome Mat
    With just a few proper instruments like a saw and sandpaper, you can easily create a wooden welcome mat that looks great and keeps your home clean!
  15. Hanging Basket Stand
    From hanging fruits to other essentials, this is an easy and creative woodworking project. Also, they look so good!
  16. Clothes Drying Rack
    A wooden clothes drying rack is ideal for an organized home and if you don’t have enough space to dry clothes.
  17. Writing Desk
    Thankfully wooden writing desks are basic and easy to make! Also, they look stellar in any home setting. 
  18. Candle Holder
    Wooden Candle Holders are classic, still trendy, and just so easy to make, just shape the wood in perfect sizes, and it’s done!
  19. Wooden Media Box
    PlayStations and other console units need a proper setting, and nothing speaks more modern and practical than a wooden media box. 
  20. Pencil Holder
    Wooden Pencil Holders are easy tasks for any beginner, and let’s face it, they’d pair just perfectly on your wooden desk!


Let’s wrap up our roundup of the beginner-friendly wood projects you can try. These projects are easy but so creative and allow you to achieve full mastery in DIY woodworking. So get your saw and drill going, and start creating your wooden masterpieces! Be sure to share with your friends, who can also use some DIY inspo.